We have many people to thank for the years of patronage and support in so many ways. First and foremost we want to thank our stock. Without our strong and willing companions, we would not even be able to do this. Our human staff over the years has also been a huge pleasure. We appreciate all of their hard work, enthusiasm and care they have taken with both guests and animals.

Special thank go out to the Montana Land Reliance, Bill Long, Jay Erickson and Rock Ringling for many years of trips, laughs and fly-fishing tales on the famed waters of Slough Creek. The Montana Land Reliance is a Helena based organization that helps to preserve private lands all over Montana. If you are interested in the Montana Land Reliance and their plight check out there web site at

A great thanks to Mr. Jed Steele for all of his loyalty and generosity throughout the last decade. We have enjoyed his company along with the dozens of people we have met through his associations on his trips. Jed is one of the leading wine makers in the industry and is more than happy to let Ernie the bar mule carry his wines into the backcountry so he can relax and get in some great fishing. Jed’s wines are also available in the front-country at many fine restaurants in Montana and all over the United States. If you have not already tasted Steele Wines and you would like more information go to

Chico Hot Springs Resort and Day Spa has helped both us and our weary riders. They have sent many people our way and received our guests with open arms at the end of our trips. If you are ever in Southwest Montana you should give the hot waters a try and don’t overlook the award winning dinning room.

The Kendall brothers- what can we say. We have spent so many wonderful times with Dick and Chuck both in and out of the saddle. We are very grateful for their friendship, insight, support and horses when we find ourselves in a bind. We seem to share the same passion for being in the mountains with our animals and look forward to many more years of the same. Happy Trails!

No horse operation is without a trustworthy Vet. Dr. Don Smith is our guy! Whether it is a routine call, or an emergency, we can always get him on his cell phone. He may be in Michigan, Boise or high in the mountains with his wife and his own horses but he will always answer the call and talk us through the situation. Thank you Dr. Smith for all of your help and patience.

Dr. Barbara Green, our greatest fan and very first client as Rockin’ HK Outfitters. Who would have thought that on that fateful day on Big Horn Pass such a relationship was about to blossom. With her encouragement Rockin’ HK Outfitters moves forward. Her passion for Yellowstone National Park and new found love for horses has helped all of our minds grow with belief and determination to live this life we have chosen. Thank you, Thank you Dear Barbara!