Wednesday, June 22, 2011

2011 yellowstone season off to wet start, but should benefit us as summer proceeds.

Howdy all, Wow hiked into slough creek on Sat. to get a first hand look at the water conditions. 4 bears, elk down low off on the buffalo fork trail, and off and on rain made for a great day. This blog specifically will address our first trip into slough creek on July 11-14th. Hello gentleman and i understand your wanting to know about anticipated fishing conditions for our trip. Simply stated it is to early to predict as it would be all speculation until we see what the weather will do in the next 8-10 days. As of Sat. flows were high but not over the banks yet. The peak flow has not been reached yet. Cooler temps has kept much of the High country snow pack still in tact. Water was unfishable but not yet blown out. Warmer temps since monday have made a dramatic jump in water cfs levels in just 2 days,anticipated warm temps for the next few days is expected, which exactly is what we need for our trip. I will monitor what goes on until july 1 or 2nd and then ride in to our crossing on or before the 4th. I will make an assesment then as to wether or not we will be able to get across the river to get to camp and if the clarity will be good enough to fish. I hope this will help with plans and i am cautiously optimistic. If hot temps keep up for 6-8 more days and high water peaks by the 3rd-4th then we might hit it perfectly for the first clear days of fishing on slough which could be phenomienal. So stay tuned and check out some bear pictures and more on our facebook page under Rockin HK Outfitters.

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