Tuesday, December 7, 2010

June is right around the corner, looking forward to the yellowstone backcountry already!!!

Well the mules and horses are home, the last hunting camp has been packed out and now its time to organize and repair gear. Had a few days now to reflect on our 2010 season and am very grateful for the guests we had out this year and had very few injuries to our animals, so all in all it was a very sucessful season. Want to thank our crew also because without them our business doesn’t happen. Its all a team effort and we very much enjoy working along side all of them. I’m sure we will have a laugh or 2 about some of our adventures last summer. We had alot of fun on some spectacular trips. Couple things that stand out in my mind are the thrill of having both Scarlett and Wyatt work their first trips (for $)  last summer. I really enjoyed that. Seeing that sow and her 3 cubs before all hell broke lose in that campground, fishing slough creek with the MLR group, Hanging out with our good friend Jed Steele, Some spectacular fishing late season up the Lamar,  Seeing quite a few return guests that are our friends now, and all the new folks we met in the 2010 season. it was also a very unique hunting season as one week we were hunting in carharts and the next we saw 3 feet of snow fall and winter came with a vengence. Killed some nice bulls this season and now I’m ready to hang up the saddle and enjoy a warm office and start the communication process all over again. I’m looking forward to shoot the breeze with some long time friends/guests and to spark up some new relationships with new guests. 80-90 days in the backcountry and somewhere between 6-800 miles in the saddle I have alot of fond memories that I will call on to get me through the winter til we make some new memories next summer. The last thought that troubles me about last summer is the lack of the presence of elk in the park. With such vast grass lands the park has, there should be the large herds of elk that used to graze those meadows and hillsides and they simply are not there anymore. Most people did not get to experience what I was fortunate to a dozen years ago and it is so different now. It is frustating to hear and read the plight of the wolf to the east and west coast states and most the information is biased toward the wolf and no one stands up for the elk. We’ll see how it plays out but the wolf has changed things for good around yellowstone. I am all for bag limits and hunting seasons on wolves just like every other species out there.  Well as the snows come we close another season and get ready for my favorite holiday and look forward to the new adventures that await Rockin HK Outfitters in our countries first National Park, Yellowstone. Merry Christmas and happy New Year to all and enjoy the holidays with your families because family and your kids are what it is all about.  Happy Trails.Beautiful snowy slope, Yellowstone

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