Sunday, July 10, 2011

No High water or oil threats in Yellowstone Park

Water levels are starting to come down after a long spring run off. The oil spill near Billings has not effected any water west of the area. So Yellowstone Park and most of Montana are and have been clear of this unfortunate mishap all along. Water levels in the big water ways like the Yellowstone River are still above normal for this time of year but we are seeing some clearing in the higher creeks and tributaries. Our day rides have been most beautiful with extremely green grasses and wildflower covered  landscaps. The bear threat is no different than it has been for years. The horrible situation of last week is truly saddening and I am sorry to say could have had a different outcome had the hikers been carrying bear spray. Our guides never leave the barn without bear spray on their belt and have been trained to defuse these types of encounters. Using a guide in bear country is very much advised. If you chose to go out into a bears home without one PLEASE bring bear spray and always have a buddy. Make lots of noise while hiking and read any information you can about bear habitat, how you should behave in a bear encounter, and make sure you know how to use your bear spray. My bear spray is 40 feet for 40 seconds and don’t forget about the wind! We would love to escort you into the back-country for a safe, unforgettable day or pack trip. Call 406-333-4505

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