These trips begin and end at the same trailhead.

1. Sportsman Lake - 24-mile loop Fishing / Wildlife / Scenery trip
Sportsman Lake camp is for people who seek a fly-fishing experience in a high-country lake setting. A wonderful 12-mile ride takes you to the northwest side of 11,000 ft. Electric Peak. Camp is set near the banks of this beautiful 7,000 ft. lake from which you may fish, hike, horseback ride or even swim. Wildlife is abundant around this camp including moose, wolves, and grizzly bears. This camp is very scenic, striking views can be seen in all directions, especially up.

2. Lamar River - 24-30 miles Fishing / Wildlife trip
The Lamar River trip is for the serious fisherman. The beginning of your ride into camp brings you through an open area with a very high concentration of bison. This 12-15 mile ride meanders along the northern side of this canyon. As you get farther and farther up the trail you will see evidence of many more forms of wildlife such as elk, wolves, eagles, and bears. But lets keep focused, the fishing! You will now be in some of the best fishing in the park. Camp is set near the banks of the Lamar River from here you can fish right in camp or explore up river looking for new holes.

3. Soldiers Corral - 15-mile loop Wildlife Photography / Riding trip
Soldiers Corral camp is a beautiful camp that is set in a big open basin. The Gardner River runs the length of this basin while 11,000-foot Electric Peak looms in the background. This camp is known for the wildlife that resides in this area. The horseback riding and photography potential is endless. The river provides the diehard fisherman with always that “one last cast”. An unbelievable time to be in this special place is during the fall when the elk are in rut.

3-Day Hot Pot Trip
Guests and scenery from Rockin HK backcountry trips
Guests and scenery from Rockin HK backcountry trips
Guests and scenery from Rockin HK backcountry trips