Guests and scenery from Rockin HK backcountry trips
Guests and scenery from Rockin HK backcountry trips

1. Snake River / Basin Creek
36-mile  Fishing Trip
Both of these camps offer excellent fishing opportunities for native cutthroats. Our first camp on the banks of the Snake River provides a ten-mile stretch of water reached by either walking or riding. The second camp at Basin Creek, along with being one of the most scenic camps in the park, offers two or three different options for great fishing. There are also many geothermal features to explore along the way. Elk, bears, and eagles are the most frequently seen wildlife in this area.

2. Upper Lamar/Mist Creek
40-mile  Fishing Trip
This trip is for the serious fisherman. 3 full days are spent on the Lamar River fishing. You can fish right from camp or saddle up and head up river for the day. Our last night is spent in a high country camp near Mist Creek pass. A spectacular 15-mile ride through Pelican Valley concludes this trip. Buffalo, wolves, bears, and elk are some of the animals you may see in this area.

3. Pebble Creek/Slough Creek
30-mile Fishing/Riding Trip
These camps are the most sought after camps in the park. This trip starts at the Pebble Creek camp near the headwaters of Pebble Creek. Fishing and wildlife viewing are just some of the activities that can be enjoyed from this camp. A spectacular ride over 8,860-foot Bliss Pass will provide memories for a lifetime. From here you will experience the legendary waters of Slough Creek, some of the best fly-fishing in the world. Elk, bears, and eagles dominate the landscape along Slough Creek.

4. Sportsman Lake/Gardners Hole
33 Mile Fishing/Riding Trip
This trip combines excellent wildlife viewing and high country lake fishing. Sportsman Lake is a high-country camp at the base of Electric Peak, which has great fishing for everybody from the beginner to the accomplished fisherman. From there you will ride over 9,000-foot Electric Pass into Gardners Hole, a wildlife sanctuary. A wide variety of wildlife can be seen right from your camp. There are many horseback-riding possibilities from this camp due to the vastness of the surrounding area. Gardners Hole also has a very rich history in regards to the beginning stages of the park.