Snake River 50 miles / 6 days

Guests and scenery from Rockin HK backcountry trips
Guests and scenery from Rockin HK backcountry trips

Your first day begins at the south entrance of Yellowstone National Park. From there you will travel northeast on the south boundary trail along the world famous Snake River. There are numerous geothermal features on this ten-mile ride to your first camp. Hot springs, active geysers, and old geyser cones dot the landscape along the river. Your camp literally sets a hundred feet from the banks of the Snake River.

The famed Snake River awaits your casts on your second day. There is an excellent four-mile stretch of water accessible right from camp. The Snake in this section holds healthy populations of cutthroat trout along with white fish. You may encounter some migrating browns or the occasional fugitive lake trout from Lewis, Jackson, or Heart Lake to mistake your fly as a meal. The typical size for the cutthroats in this area is 10” to 14” in size. However, there are those few fish that push 18” to 20”.

Your third day is focused on the most scenic ride in the Park, up and over Big Game Ridge. This 14-mile ride takes you along Harebell Creek and the south boundary trail. About half way you will find yourself roughly 9,200 feet above sea level on Big Game Ridge. From here you can literally see the whole Park to the north and the Grand Teton’s to the south.

After cresting the pass, you drop into the Snake River Canyon. As you get closer and closer to the headwaters you will find your second camp. This is truly the biggest day of the trip. Appetizers and dinner will be closely followed by sleep without a doubt. The fourth day is all about relaxing and fishing. Steam rising off the hot springs and the scenic beauty of this area create a magical atmosphere from which to fish, hike, or just relax. The fifth day you will have a few hours of fishing that morning while your guides pack up camp and get ready to head out. The 3 1/2 hour ride winds down the Snake River Canyon to our last camp in Basin Creek. This is a beautiful canyon to ride and experience. The trail mostly follows the river, rising high above in some places leaving you breathless and so pleased with the strong horse under you. Basin Creek camp is set on the outskirts of a wonderful meadow. Your last day is just as wondrous as the previous five because of a spectacular 16-mile ride. The Heart River trail leads you above and around Heart Lake, which offers unmatched views of the lake. The trail then takes you down to the shoreline through a maze of hot springs. From there you head into a fascinating area where you encounter bottomless hot springs with water so clear you can see well into the depths of the earth. Your trip comes to an end at the Heart Lake trailhead where we say our final farewells and reflect back on the six days just spent in some of the most remote and wild country Yellowstone has to offer.