Here are a few of the maps I have created over the years.

Hopefully these are easy for you to access and use.

Sportsman Lake trip; Goes in on the west side of the park at Fan Creek trailhead

Slough Creek trip; This map takes you to 2S7. YNP camp 2S8 is about one mile up stream.

Snake River Trip; taking the South Boundary Trail to Snake River, then to Basin Creek, then out Heart Lake

Pebble Creek Camp; Going in the packers short-cut and maybe coming out the long way to the Pebble Creek campground.

Snake River using 3 camps; Going in near south entrance, over Big Game Ridge, Basin Creek, out Heart Lake Trail.

Lamar River / Hoodoos ; this trip goes in and out the same way. Starting and finishing at the Lamar River Trailhead.

Lamar River / Miller Creek : Lamar River Trailhead to Miller Creek then out.

Lamar River / Pelican Valley: Going in at the Lamar River Trailhead near Cooke City, coming out in the Pelican Valley near Fishing Bridge.

Buffalo seen from horseback in Yellowstone National Park